Canon T6i and Canon T7i: What is the difference?

The T7i camera is more advanced camera than the T6i, and its sensor is also much more advanced. The latest T7i sensor has Phase detection on the chip (also called Dual Pixel Autofocus) that helps to reduce the amount of noise that photos produce. Live view modes have been upgraded and allows you to view the work of someone else. This makes it much simpler than it was before.

The Canon T7i offers greater enjoyment overall than T6i and is also simpler to operate. The T7i’s software interface can be used more easily and is especially helpful for those who are new to the technology. There is a wealth of information on the various functions and modes using the Canon Feature Assistant. The T7i is more versatile over the T6i. Additionally, it offers a more expansive ISO limit.

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The Canon T7i sports an ultra-high resolution LCD that can display pictures. Its touchscreen isn’t present in the T7i however it does have unmatched interface. The touch screen on the T7i allows beginners to get used to it. T7i features a more extensive range of colors. Its manual is more detailed. T7i comes with a much improved autofocus system, longer battery life, and a stunning autofocus.

The Canon T6i and T7i are both very similar in the sensor size. They both have a 24.2 MP resolution as well as smaller sensors. The T6i does not have an EVF, but both models feature an integrated EVF. Although the T7i has the same sensor as T6i, it offers additional features. Both cameras can be used for beginners.

The Canon T6i comes with a more advanced camera interface and has more autofocus features. Its processor is quicker and the camera has more autofocus points. Also, the T7i comes with more ISO that the smaller T6i. The T7i has a larger memory, as well as a greater raw image buffer. T6i can be purchased for less. It is an excellent purchase for anyone who is a photographer!

Canon T7i is a new interface for software and better images. Its interface has been designed to help users operate it more easily. The T7i has an improved sensor, with more dynamic range and a higher ISO setting. This is a better option for those who want to use the camera to take photos for fun. Video enthusiasts will also find the T7i an excellent camera.


The Canon T7i comes with an upgraded camera interface that can be used by beginner users. Its interface is easy to navigate. While it’s true that the T6i interface is easier to operate and includes higher-level features, it’s not as easy to access. The T7i is more user-friendly and simpler to use, and you can easily learn to use it by a bit of assistance from the Canon feature assistant.

Canon T7i comes with a sleek user interface that is compatible with the camera. The interface is known in the Feature Assistant, and is intended to help new users start up swiftly. Both cameras excel when it comes to taking photos and videos, the T7i is better for portraits. The latter has an improved lens, which will enhance your photos and the T6i offers a superior autofocus.


The Canon T7i offers slightly higher quality of image than the T6i. The T7i offers higher resolution than T6i as well as RAW pictures that are more appealing than T6i. The Canon T6i provides more pixels but has less resolution as compared to the T7i. The T7i cost a little more than the T6i but it’s worth it.

These cameras can be used for beginners, but they’re not the best choice for advanced photographers. The Canon T6i may cost more than the Canon T7i however, it comes with similar attributes. In terms of battery life the battery of the T7i lasts longer, and it has a capacity of 600 shots. If you’re careful with the manner in which you use your camera, you can be sure to get a whole day’s worth of photos with both cameras.

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