Pearhead Forever in My Heart Pet Memorial Frame

Price: $24.99
(as of Jan 17,2020 08:03:15 UTC – Details)

Capture and cherish your furry one’s paw print forever with Pearhead’s pawprints desk frame. This modern white, wooden frame includes everything you need to make your furry buddy’s paw print to display in your home. And it’s perfect for cats or dogs! The frame includes one package of soft, air-drying clay, a ruler, and double-sided tape. The clay requires no mixing and no baking! It’s also 100% pet safe. Simply knead the clay and roll it out. Press your furry buddy’s paw in the clay gently but hard enough to create an impression. If you make a mistake- no problem! You can redo it as many times as you need until you get the perfect print. Once finished making the print, use the ruler to create a square around the impression. Let dry 1-2 days and then use the tape to stick to the included gray background board. Display your favorite 4” x 6” picture to add that finishing touch. This hinged frame is perfect for sitting easily on any desk; whether it be in your home or at work. If you are a new pet owner or have spent years with your furry buddy, Pearhead’s pawprints desk frame is a great way to cherish and remember your furry buddy’s little paws. Product dimensions: 11.69” W x 7.51” H x 1.37” D; Photo insert: 4” x 6” .

Includes everything you need to make the perfect print; one package of soft, air-drying clay, rule, double-sided tape, acid-free beveled mat, and gray background board
Easy DIY instructions included to create your furry buddy’s impression and personalize this special keepsake frame
Keepsake frame is distressed gray wood style, perfect for any home décor. Pet keepsake frame easily sits on any table top or desk
Paw mold kit is 100% pet safe; Photo insert: 4” x 6”

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